Basin2Beach Ocean Swim

This event has already taken place. Check back soon for an update.
Date: 25 February 2018
Location: Wollongong Boat Harbour, Wollongong, NSW
Distance/s: 2km, 800m and 400m
Website: Visit website

Basin2Beach Ocean SwimIllawarra's premier ocean swim takes place annually as part the Splash and Dash Festival featuring Ocean and harbour Swims, Aquathon and Beach Run mix of events. Part of the Splash Dash Festival, Wollongong's Basin2Beach Ocean Swims offer a mix of harbour and ocean swims for all swimmer tastes.

The Ocean Swims offer choice of more protected harbour swims (400m and 800m) or the signature ocean class "basin2beach". Spectacular swim with unique jetty swim start from the harbour, than into the ocean for finish at Illawarra's own 'little bondi', North Wollongong beach.

The 800m offers a mostly sheltered boat harbour experience, as does the Kids 400m also in the harbour.

Fun, activities, a terrific location and vibe - get your festive season swim in! Professional services, fun event for all levels.


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