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DATE: 4 May 2024
TYPE: Adventure Racing
LOCATION: Donnybrook, QLD
DISTANCE: 24 Hours

The Rogue Raid is a race where teams compete to collect as many checkpoints as possible over a 24 hour time period.

The Rogue involves multiple stages of the traditional adventure racing disciplines of trekking, mountain biking and kayaking where teams must navigate through the course using a map and compass on a route of their own choice.

Each stage is effectively its own small rogaine where competitors may attempt to collect as many or as few checkpoints as they wish, making this event achievable by all levels of athlete. Strategy, precise navigation and perseverance will play just as a significant role as raw fitness. 2024 will represent the 15th year of the Rogue Raid which has grown to be one of Australia’s largest 24 hour adventure races.


Contact Details

ORGANISER: Raid Adventures
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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