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DATE: 2 Jun 2024
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: City Botanic Gardens, Brisbane, QLD
DISTANCE: 42.2km, 21.1km, 10km, 5km & Kids

The Brisbane Marathon is Queensland’s second oldest official marathon event and offers a variety of Brisbane running events to enjoy.

Brisbane is Queensland’s capital city, whether you are here to eat, drink, shop or play – you will enjoy your experience in the ‘River City’.

Participants run through major streets of Brisbane’s CBD with the course traversing the many bridges of Brisbane whilst absorbing breathtaking views of the Brisbane River.

The event will feature five major running events including: - 42.195km Brisbane Marathon - 21.0975km Brisbane Half Marathon - 10km Brisbane Run/Walk - 5km Brisbane Run/Walk - 2km Kids Mini Mara Each event will be accurately measured under Athletics Australia’s strict course measurement requirements.

The Brisbane Marathon Festival holds AIMS accreditation. All official finish times are available for use in qualifying for major city marathon events, such as Boston Marathon, New York Marathon and London Marathon.



2024 - Marathon (View full results)

Saeki Makino02:24:01
Kye Lowth02:31:12
Kit Edwards02:37:12
Eve Mure02:54:37
Kyoko Miura03:03:58
Sally Matsubara03:04:06

2022 - Marathon (View full results)

Wayne Spies02:28:06
Joshua Mcmahon02:36:08
Nick Quinn02:40:13
Erchana Murray-Bartlett02:57:33
Kyoko Miura03:05:47
Yvonne Hillberg03:09:04

2021 - Marathon (View full results)

Nicholas Lee02:29:40
Rob Clarke02:31:38
Clay Dawson02:32:07
Marina Wong02:44:03
Tamara Carvolth02:45:30
Erchana Murray-Bartlett02:57:28

2020 - Virtual Marathon (View full results)

Clay Dawson02:27:50
John Price02:53:05
Sean Richardson02:54:58
Sidney Andrew03:03:07
Maggie Davies03:38:46
Terri Cochrane03:51:42

2019 - Marathon (View full results)

Clay Dawson02:33:40
Rob Clarke02:38:01
Tim Ballintine02:45:05
Sidney Andrew02:54:11
Noo Bowker02:59:00
Lou Clifton03:07:20

2018 - Marathon (View full results)

Saeki Makino02:23:18
Darryl Hill02:29:00
Peter Bracken02:36:11
Leah Fitzgerald02:53:36
Sara Burgess03:08:54
Claire Bradshaw03:10:34

2017 - Marathon (View full results)

Clay Dawson02:28:16
Wayne Spies02:34:10
Lukas Lance02:40:14
Roxie Fraser02:55:56
Sally Matsubara03:01:54
Nicole Rudan03:07:25

2016 - Marathon (View full results)

Klarie Mcintyre02:35:27
Clay Dawson02:38:53
Cameron Blacklock02:46:11
Marita Eisler02:57:31
Kerri Hodge03:04:11
Sally Matsubara03:13:36

2015 - Marathon (View full results)

Samuel Woldeamanual02:21:50
Clay Dawson02:30:51
Jarred Corby02:52:53
Sally Matsubara02:57:27
Marita Eisler02:59:28
Pip Boe03:23:38

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ORGANISER: Atlas Events
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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