Cadbury Claremont Marathon

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DATE: 5 Jan 2025
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: Claremont, TAS
DISTANCE: Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km, 5km & Kids 1km

The Cadbury Marathon is a fun run festival taking place in Claremont, Tasmania and offers a variety of distances.

The Cadbury Marathon course (42.2km) follows a two lap undulating course alongside the River Derwent, travelling south before turning just after crossing the Bowen Bridge.

The 21.1km half marathon course follows a similar course to the marathon event but just one lap.



2024 - Marathon (View full results)

Wayne Spies02:31:46
Toby Sparkes02:35:32
Ben Maccronan02:37:46
Nikki Curry02:55:45
Carly Isaac03:16:14
Kerri Hodge03:20:34

2023 - Marathon (View full results)

Richard Egan02:40:04
Mathew Bedford02:45:55
Ben Allen02:50:11
Leah Fitzgerald02:53:11
Ruth Wilson03:05:15
Lauren Marino03:05:16

2022 - Marathon (View full results)

Wayne Spies02:31:09
Derrick Leahy02:33:43
Lachlan Oakes02:34:26
Rose Dingemanse03:17:59
Milly Young03:24:10
Georgia Dandrea03:27:42

2021 - Marathon (View full results)

Matt Gunther02:25:58
Brett Ellis02:28:05
Ashely Hoffmann02:30:41
Marnie Ponton02:39:11
Milly Clark02:41:16
Maggie Lennox02:58:05

2020 - Marathon (View full results)

Nick Earl02:18:30
Adam Bishop02:31:59
Brendan Kean02:35:05
Katie Conlon02:42:42
Paige Gilchrist02:45:32
Erchana Murray-Bartlett02:53:38

2019 - Marathon (View full results)

Dion Finocchiaro02:27:37
Peter Bracken02:31:51
Charlie Park02:34:16
Meriem Daoui02:52:50
Karen Thibodeau02:54:55
Sarah Jalim02:56:17

2018 - Marathon (View full results)

Dane Verwey02:24:54
Dion Finocchiaro02:25:03
Samuel Gebremichael02:25:35
Gemma Jenkins02:51:26
Melanie Mcdonald02:57:04
Rachel Glasson02:57:22
Josh Harris02:28:56
Mick Donges02:32:03
David Criniti02:32:40
Kirsten Molloy02:52:41
Amy Lamprecht03:10:31
Natalie Wood03:12:45

2016 - Marathon (View full results)

Thomas Murton02:37:28
Alex Humphrey02:38:16
Josh Hodge02:44:52
Sheena Jackson03:10:58
Pippa Featherston03:16:23
Karen Eakin03:17:08

Contact Details

ORGANISER: Athletics Tasmania
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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