Gold Coast 50 Run Festival

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DATE: 23 Nov 2024
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: Kurrawa, Gold Coast, QLD
DISTANCE: 50km, 25km, 12.5km, 5km and Kids Dash

The GC50 Run Festival has something for everyone across the weekend of running at Coolangatta.

The Kurrawa 2 Duranbah 50km event is a run along one of the world's most attractive beaches, from Kurrawa to Duranbah & back, on the Gold Coast. There's also a 25km event on the Sunday and a kids dash, 5km fun run and 12km twilight run on the Saturday.

The Gold Coast 50 (GC50) Run Festival starts and finishes in Miles Buisson Park in Broadbeach, about 400 metres north of the Kurrawa Surf Lifesaving Club. Free car parking is available in the surrounding streets.




2022 - 50km (View full results)

Ben Maccronan03:01:55
Wayne Spies03:02:03
Thomas Brimelow03:11:59
Riine Ringi03:23:15
Kirstin Bull03:34:59
Nicole Bowker03:38:14

2021 - 50km (View full results)

Eddie Keogh03:18:08
Daniel Buenen03:24:22
Ando Moquiuti03:25:39
Jessica Willis03:39:29
Noo Bowker03:44:09
Shara Jones03:45:17

2020 - 50km (View full results)

Jamie Lacey03:03:34
Thomas Brimelow03:13:31
Luke McKenzie03:22:06
Stephanie Auston03:17:26
Beth McKenzie03:18:38
Riine Ringi03:19:09

2019 - 50km (View full results)

Ben Maccronan03:09:36
Derrick Leahy03:19:20
David Scroope03:34:20
Riine Ringi03:27:11
Tamara Carvolth03:30:18
Hayley Newman03:50:55

2018 - 50km (View full results)

Rob Clarke03:17:34
Anderson Moquiuti03:18:52
Derrick Leahy03:20:24
Jane Fardell03:50:58
Karen Pienaar03:51:18
Corrina Black04:02:21

2017 - 50km (View full results)

Vladimir Shatrov03:09:34
Matt Cooper03:23:09
Derrick Leahy03:32:52
Kerri Hodge03:36:23
Kyoko Miura04:14:08
Connie Stevenson04:18:27

2016 - 50km (View full results)

Jonathan Peters03:10:12
Darryl Hill03:15:01
Francesco Ciancio03:15:49
Elkie Belcher03:35:47
Sarah Ludowici04:12:02
Katie Mackenzie04:17:47

2015 - 50km (View full results)

Francesco Ciancio03:20:36
Matt Cooper03:25:22
Daniel Ramage03:26:56
Leah Fitzgerald03:48:40
Micheala Thackwray04:23:45
Corrina Black04:25:33

2014 - 50km (View full results)

Gary Mullins03:18:51
Peter Run03:29:33
Daniel Stein03:34:57
Solveig Litchfield03:52:36
Kerri Hodge04:04:59
Fiona Mann04:08:31

2013 - 50km (View full results)

Caine Warburton03:25:11
Anderson Moquiuti03:34:44
James Turner03:37:35
Kerrie Otto de Grancy04:06:25
Debbie Patskowski04:11:34
Solveig Litchfield04:13:56

2012 - 50km (View full results)

Dave Coombs03:40:31
James Webster03:41:00
Martin Hack03:45:44
Lynwen Birch04:20:12
Kerrie Otto de Grancy04:28:30
Kerri Hodge04:31:28

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