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DATE: 10 Feb 2024
TYPE: Open Water Swim
LOCATION: Edithvale, VIC

The Club2Club swim is a 1.8km open water swim between Edithvale and Aspendale in Port Phillip Bay.

The swim starts at Edithvale Life Saving Club, The Esplanade, Edithvale and finishes at Aspendale Life Saving Club, Groves St, Aspendale.

There is a cash prize for first male and first female in the 1.8KM swim. There are also medallions for first, second and third in each age group.



Luke Tucker00:19:16
Lucas Tucker00:19:45
Tharusha Perera00:19:54
Sarah Louise00:21:58
Katherine Smith00:22:07
Erin Wilson00:22:19
Lucas Tucker00:20:22
Jonathan Barrett00:22:40
Magnus Michelsson00:22:44
Erin Wilson00:23:19
Sarah Byron00:23:39
Kate Smith00:24:39
Magnus Michelsson00:19:38
Jonathan Barrett00:19:46
Brent Skudutis00:20:00
Katharine Clarkson00:22:00
Christine Pogue00:22:03
Nari Wilson00:22:19
Malachy Brennan00:19:18
Rhys Mainstone00:19:22
Jesse Collings00:19:31
Clare Milligan00:20:38
Emma Harrison00:23:35
Olivia McKie00:24:24
Rhys Mainstone00:17:58
Malachy Brenna00:18:50
Jonathan Barrett00:19:58
Abbey Parsons00:23:16
Isabella Theophanous-Maddison00:23:20
Mckenna Strong00:23:23
James Mace00:18:35
Jonathan Barrett00:19:13
Glenn Wilson00:19:25
Kelly Stubbins00:19:09
Ellie Castricum-McDuff00:19:54
Clare Milligan00:21:35
James Mace00:20:45
Finn Propper00:22:39
Jaime Clark00:22:45
Isabelle Robinson00:22:56
Nicole Love00:25:17
Ashlyn Frazer00:26:00
James Fennell00:20:29
Michael Harding00:21:37
Nathan Buschkuehl00:22:13
Kelly Stubbins00:21:34
Sarah Byron00:24:23
Zahara Cox00:25:20
Shane Asbury00:18:50
Michael Harding00:20:04
Greg Chaplin00:23:14
Sam Bennett00:20:39
Brooke Millen00:23:53
Holly Sinclair00:24:23

2014 - 1.5km (View full results)

Dean Wilson00:20:05
Sam Hensen-Thompson00:21:39
Ben Willison00:22:24
Sam Bennett00:21:49
Isabelle Robinson00:23:00
Danielle Tulloch00:23:34

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