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DATE: 11 Jan 2025
TYPE: Open Water Swim

The Powercor Lorne Pier to Pub is an iconic 1.2km open water swim held at Lorne along Victoria's Great Ocean Road.

The Pier to Pub is the largest open water swim in the world and is organised and run by volunteers from Lorne Surf Life Saving Club.

The course is 1.2km from the Lorne Pier to the foreshore in front of the LSLS clubhouse. Lorne is approximately 2 hours south of Melbourne on the Great Ocean Road.

Entries for the Pier to Pub are done on a ballot basis. Firstly you need to register your name via the event website.



2024 - 1.2km (View full results)

Hayden Cotter00:12:20
Sam Sheppard00:12:26
Jesse Coulson00:12:29
Lani Pallister00:13:09
Mackie Hunter00:14:03
Dominique Hart00:14:06

2023 - 1.2km (View full results)

Harvey Larke00:11:26
Haydn Tierney00:11:47
William Newton00:11:47
Mackie Hunter00:12:03
Lani Pallister00:12:36
Giselle Davey00:12:36

2020 - 1.2km (View full results)

Hayden Cotter00:10:55
Mack Horton00:10:59
Matthew Gilling00:11:38
Lani Pallister00:11:44
Lani Pallister00:11:49
Harriet Brown00:11:51

2019 - 1.2km (View full results)

Hayden Cotter00:11:43
Noah Millard00:11:48
Sam Sheppard00:11:48
Lani Pallister00:12:19
Kelly Stubbins00:13:18
Grace Harris00:13:24

2018 - 1.2km (View full results)

Hayden Cotter00:10:54
Mack Horton00:10:59
Gregorio Paltrinieri00:11:03
Lani Pallister00:11:45
Harriet Brown00:11:57
Kelsey Cummings00:12:00
Tristan Read00:11:08
Sam Sheppard00:11:16
Drew Green00:11:17
Harriet Brown00:12:13
Kelly Stubbins00:12:23
Laura Davy00:12:31
Sam Sheppard00:10:02
Patrick Cobiac00:10:30
Hamish Chapman00:10:50
Harriet Brown00:10:51
Naantali Marshall00:11:34
Zoe Whitfield00:11:35

Contact Details

ORGANISER: Lorne Surf Lifesaving Club
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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