de Castella Run for Mental Health

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DATE: 25 Aug 2024
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: Burke Hall, Xavier College, Kew, VIC
DISTANCE: 5km, 10km, 15km walk or run

The de Castella Run for Mental Health is a 15km, 10km or 5km fun run aiming to raise funds for mental health research.

Set along Melbourne's Yarra River the event offers 5km, 10km and 15km distances along with the SmartStart program for kids with activities and an 80m dash.

This event raises important funds for mental health research via MAPrc (Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre).



2018 - 15km (View full results)

Nick Earl00:48:06
Max Ueda00:49:23
Dane Verlley00:49:26
Amelia Aslanides01:01:06
Maddie Lawson01:02:51
Fiona Hartley01:07:28

2017 - 15km (View full results)

Liam Adams00:46:51
Brett Ellis00:50:15
Max Ueda00:51:17
Stephanie Kondogonis00:59:21
Julie Manning01:04:49
Gennetta Arthrell01:04:56

2016 - 15km (View full results)

Tyson Kingston00:54:05
Andrew Selby00:56:58
Hugh Gundlach00:57:13
Lucie Hardiman01:02:30
Emma Carney01:02:30
Sophie Elliott01:03:02

2015 - 15km (View full results)

Nick Ashton00:50:51
Jason Paisley00:53:36
Tyson Kingston00:54:31
Ilona Ellis00:57:11
Lauren Young01:00:55
Gennetta Arthrell01:02:42

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