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DATE: 10 Nov 2024
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: South Terace, Fremantle, WA
DISTANCE: 21.1km, 10km and 5km

The Fremantle Running Festival incorporates the Fremantle Half Marathon and is organised by the West Australian Marathon Club.

Choose from either the half marathon (21.1km) distance, or the shorter 10km or 5km options.

Walkers are welcome to take part in the 5km event.



2023 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Luke Burrows01:10:40
Dean Menzies01:11:07
Karlos Aquino01:12:41
Kate Baker01:20:18
Lauren French01:21:22
Jules Bennett01:24:33

2022 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Dean Menzies01:09:17
Bryce Anderson01:11:18
Matt Smith01:12:03
Kate Baker01:20:09
Lauren French01:20:09
Astrid Roberts01:22:51

2021 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Nick Thompson01:12:07
Matt Di Masi01:12:58
Alex Dreyer01:14:05
Debbie Donald01:23:04
Alexandra Meerk01:26:42
Samantha Molony01:28:54

2020 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Francisco Sanzana01:10:06
Nick Thompson01:10:33
Nathan Doig01:10:36
Felicity Sheedy-Ryan01:17:38
Nera Jareb01:19:41
Jules Bennett01:21:45

2019 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Nathan Doig01:12:52
Wayne Spies01:14:35
Daniel Barnes01:14:59
Astrid Feyer Roberts01:23:45
Steph Shaw01:33:00
Rose Richards01:35:17

2016 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Thomas Bakowski01:14:33
Gerard Hill01:14:49
Kevin Matthews01:15:02
Lisa Tyack01:25:14
Jacqueline Kellerman01:31:48
Alexandra Meek01:33:16

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