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DATE: 5 May 2024
TYPE: Triathlon
LOCATION: Port Macquarie, NSW
DISTANCE: 3.8/180/42.2

Established in 1985, Ironman Australia remains an iconic global event - taking place in Port Macquarie, New South Wales - four hours north of Sydney.

From the swim course in Hastings River to the bike course along the Pacific Ocean and run course in the heart of Port Macquarie, the event is an race that competitors come back to year after year.

From humble beginnings at Forster-Tuncurry on the New South Wales coast, Ironman Australia saw Ironman in Australia grow into a community capable of supporting multiple Ironman races around Australia.

The course at Port Macquarie is a favourite of many, offering a protected swim course, a rolling cycle leg with stunning views along the coast, and a run course through the town centre ensuring every competitor feels the atmosphere built around this iconic race.



Sam Appleton07:57:32
Mike Phillips07:59:19
Benjamin Hill08:01:51
Regan Hollioake09:02:04
Radka Kahlefeldt09:11:00
Kate Gillespie-Jones09:15:46
Steven McKenna08:06:14
Tim Van Berkel08:07:00
Sam Appleton08:08:44
Kylie Simpson09:16:43
Radka Kahlefeldt09:25:02
Fiona Moriarty09:33:13
Tim Van Berkel08:15:11
Josh Amberger08:26:11
Jack Moody08:35:37
Sarah Crowley09:06:03
Rebecca Clarke09:07:10
Courtney Gilfillan09:30:47
Cameron Wurf08:06:17
Tim Reed08:09:50
Denis Chevrot08:16:05
Laura Siddall09:11:58
Caroline Steffen09:17:28
Kelsey Withrow09:19:11
Marino Vanhoenacker08:14:37
Luke McKenzie08:18:10
Mark Bowstead08:26:25
Laura Siddall09:05:58
Melanie Burke09:29:49
Kelsey Withrow09:44:59

2017 - 70.3 (View full results)

Blake Kappler04:18:19
Christopher Boyle04:23:13
Charles Legget04:23:15
Laura Brown04:45:40
Kate Grattan04:51:04
Shannon Proffit04:52:05
David Dellow08:15:35
Tim Reed08:22:42
Clayton Fettell08:30:02
Laura Siddall09:16:38
Michelle Gailey09:44:15
Jessica Mitchell09:53:48
Tim Reed08:16:33
David Dellow08:22:17
Clayton Fettell08:23:21
Beth Gerdes09:10:27
Michelle Bremer09:13:33
Dimity-Lee Duke09:42:15
Paul Ambrose08:35:53
Luke Bell08:38:34
Brian Fuller08:49:39
Michelle Bremer09:38:24
Jessica Fleming09:42:18
Michelle Gailey09:50:51
Elliot Holtham08:35:18
Paul Ambrose08:37:47
Nick Baldwin08:41:19
Melissa Hauschildt09:28:43
Lisa Marangon09:30:50
Melanie Burke09:32:53
Luke Bell08:30:23
Patrick Evoe08:42:58
Luke Whitmore09:03:30
Rebecca Hoschke09:34:55
Ange Castle09:41:38
Nicole Ward09:52:31
Paul Ambrose08:17:38
Tim Van Berkel08:21:11
Jason Shortis08:40:02
Michelle Gailey09:34:57
Nicole Ward09:44:40
Hillary Biscay09:58:19
Pete Jacobs08:29:28
Patrick Vernay08:35:50
Jason Shortis08:46:07
Caroline Steffen09:29:54
Amelia Pearson09:38:23
Kirsten Molloy09:43:55
Patrick Vernay08:23:54
Scott Neyedli08:27:58
Trent Chapman08:32:52
Carrie Lester09:23:46
Rebekah Keat09:33:10
Amelia Pearson09:46:09
Patrick Vernay08:24:53
Pete Jacobs08:29:03
Tim Berkel08:31:43
Chrissie Wellington08:57:10
Rebekah Keat09:21:33
Caroline Steffen09:38:44

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