Nepean Triathlon

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Date: 27 October 2019
Location: Sydney International Regatta Centre, Penrith, NSW
Distance/s: 1/30/10, 250/10/2.5 & Kids
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Nepean TriathlonThe Nepean Triathlon, Australia's oldest triathlon, began in 1982 and consists of a 1km swim, 30km cycle and 10km run.

The list of race winners reads like a who's who of triathlon in Australia. This is a race with a rich history and continues to attract a competitive field each year.

The 1km swim course takes place within the flat waters of the Sydney International Regatta Centre.

The 30km non-drafting cycle leg follows the relatively flat roads around Penrith, while the 10km run course consists of two anti-clockwise laps of the Regatta centre.

The shorter 'Enticer' triathlon takes place on Saturday 26th October, prior to the main event on Sunday morning.


Jacob Birtwhistle01:30:03
Ryan Bailie01:30:49
David Mainwaring01:31:13
Ashleigh Gentle01:37:51
Natalie Van Coevorden01:38:28
Charlotte McShane01:41:59
Aaron Royle01:28:22
Jacob Birtwhistle01:28:34
Ryan Fisher01:28:45
Emma Moffatt01:35:30
Ashleigh Gentle01:36:50
Natalie Van Coevorden01:37:22
Aaron Royle01:25:32
Jacob Birtwhistle01:26:20
Ryan Bailie01:26:34
Ashleigh Gentle01:25:06
Emma Jackson01:37:19
Gillian Backhouse01:37:44
Aaron Royle01:26:35
Sam Appleton01:27:28
Brad Kahlefeldt01:28:30
Emma Moffatt01:34:39
Ashleigh Gentle01:35:58
Natalie Van Coevorden01:39:14
Courtney Atkinson01:27:44
Tim Reed01:28:38
Cameron Good01:28:48
Rachel Klamer01:38:40
Lisa Marangon01:40:32
Matilda Raynolds01:45:38
Tim Reed01:29:14
Mitchell Robins01:29:51
Joseph Lampe01:30:06
Melissa Rollison01:38:35
Michelle Wu01:42:30
Matilda Raynolds01:42:35
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