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DATE: 20 Jan 2024
TYPE: Open Water Swim
DISTANCE: 2500m, 1500m and 500m

The Portsea Swim Classic is a 1.5km open water swim beginning at the Portsea Pier and finishing at the historic Quarantine Station in the Point Nepean National Park.

Commencing from Fisherman’s beach (accessible via the Cutting car park 200m west of Portsea Pier along Point Nepean Road), swimmers will head west around Police Point and along the coast to Jarman Oval ("Polo" Ground) at the historic Quarantine Station in the Point Nepean National Park.

 The Swim has been carefully timed to ensure it will be aided by the outgoing tide. The swim distance is approximately 1,500m. While this is slightly longer than the old rectangular course around Portsea Pier, swimmers will have the benefit of the outgoing tide the whole way, with no hard slog back into the tide.



2024 - 2500m (View full results)

Tommy Lane00:21:27
Logan Brandi00:21:55
Hamish Robson00:23:19
Mackie Hunter00:23:15
Sophie Jacka00:23:31
Catie Boyle00:23:39

2023 - 1500m (View full results)

Harvey Larke00:12:13
Xavier Purcell00:12:19
Hamish Robson00:12:19
Lisandra De Carvalho00:13:29
Danielle Tulloch00:13:30
Sue Cox00:14:04

2022 - 1500m (View full results)

Luke Tucker00:13:10
Rhys Mainstone00:13:34
Jack Andrew00:13:40
Sophie Thomas00:14:20
Mackie Hunter00:14:31
Dom Hart00:14:41

2021 - 1500m (View full results)

Anthony Purcell00:13:36
Mark Stone00:14:29
Frank Christian00:14:32
Chiara Murgia00:14:51
Sue Cox00:15:38
Helen Whitford00:15:39

2020 - 1500m (Open) (View full results)

Sam Sheppard00:12:15
Josh Doherty00:12:47
Hamish McDougall00:12:57
Kelly Stubbins00:13:08
Sophie Caldwell00:13:12
Georgia Stott00:14:05

2019 - 1500m (Open) (View full results)

Sam Sheppard00:12:58
Jordan Merrilees00:13:09
Robbe Dilissen00:13:42
Kelly Stubbins00:14:27
Jessica Hansen00:14:48
Georgia Stott00:14:51

2018 - 1500m (View full results)

Sam Sheppard00:16:01
Hamish McDougall00:16:01
Matthew Gronow00:16:52
Kelly Stubbins00:18:01
Georgia Stott00:18:26
Anna Hume00:18:42
Sam Sheppard00:12:05
Hamish McDougall00:12:16
Patrick Murphy00:12:27
Lisandra De Carvalho00:13:43
Helen Whitford00:13:45
Georgia Stott00:14:00

2016 - 2.5km (View full results)

Harry Molnar00:19:49
Roger Witz Barnes00:20:17
Mark Grooby00:20:49
Ebony Ebenwaldner00:20:15
Georgia Stott00:20:57
Peta Harvey00:21:36

Contact Details

ORGANISER: Portsea Surf Lifesaving Club
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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