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DATE: 28 Dec 2023
TYPE: Open Water Swim
LOCATION: Point Roadknight, Anglesea, VIC
DISTANCE: 2.5km, 1.2km, 600m and 300m Kids Dash

The Burson Rock2Ramp Ocean Swim is a 1.2km open water swim race.

In addition to the 1.2km swim event, the Burson Rock2Ramp Ocean Swim consists of three additional event categories, with the Kid's Dash (200m & 300m distances), 2.5km and 600m also on offer.



2023 - 2.5km (View full results)

Matt Gilling00:36:39
Robbe Dilissen00:37:13
Tommy Lane00:37:58
Dakoda Mathers00:43:20
Rachel Ward00:45:03
Sofia Piaia00:46:50

2022 - 2.5km (View full results)

Clancy Luscombe00:29:50
Matt Gilling00:29:51
Harry Manolopoulos00:29:52
Clare Milligan00:34:45
Sofia Piaia00:35:38
Rowie Webster00:35:41

2021 - 2.5km (View full results)

Matt Gilling00:26:28
Thomas Hay00:26:33
Tommy Lane00:28:14
Clare Milligan00:32:03
Rebecca Henderson00:33:11
Madeleine Wood00:33:21

2019 - 2.5km (View full results)

Matt Gilling00:30:50
Robbe Dilissen00:32:10
Jorden Merrilees00:32:22
Rebecca Henderson00:35:32
Madeleine Wood00:35:42
Steph Reade00:36:08

2018 - 2.5km (View full results)

Sam Sheppard00:27:57
Tristan Read00:29:01
Robbe Dilissen00:29:10
Naomi Scott00:30:48
Alexandra Brown00:31:51
Rebecca Henderson00:32:04

2017 - 2.5km (View full results)

Matt Gilling00:28:43
Robbe Dilissen00:29:23
Tristan Read00:29:25
Naomi Scott00:32:25
Claire Davis00:34:16
Rebecca Henderson00:34:17

2016 - 2.5km (View full results)

Matt Gilling00:29:29
Robbe Dilissen00:30:01
Sam Hume00:32:50
Naomi Scott00:32:25
Alexandra Brown00:32:27
Zoe Whitfield00:32:37

2015 - 2.5km (View full results)

Sam Sheppard00:27:30
Matt Gilling00:28:14
Robbe Dilssen00:28:19
Zoe Whitfield00:30:58
Lisandra Carvalho00:32:08
Helen Whitford00:32:18

Contact Details

ORGANISER: Anglesea Surf Lifesaving Club
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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