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DATE: 8 Jun 2024
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: Barwon River Reserve, Forrest, VIC
DISTANCE: 21km, 10km & 6km

The Run Forrest Trail Run presents runners with the opportunity to experience some of Australia's most picturesque trails.

The event, based in the charming hinterland township of Forrest, within the stunning Otway Ranges, offers three different distances – 6km, 10km, and 21km – to cater to various skill levels. The event also features the popular 6km Kids Run circuit.

Runners will traverse undulating hills, flowing rivers, and dense fern gullies, immersed in the fresh, cool air of the Otway Ranges.

The 21km Run Forrest Trail Run course begins at the Race Village, located on the banks of the Barwon River, with access from Hennigan Crescent in Forrest via a trail walk (note: there is no parking available at the Village).

The trail then meanders alongside the Barwon River and proceeds onto the renowned Red Carpet, a path loved by mountain bikers for its challenging technical segments, fern-covered single track, and rapid downhill turns. Runners will have the exclusive opportunity to navigate this dynamic course, which continues around the scenic surroundings of the majestic Lake Elizabeth.

The challenging course features tight, off-cambered turns, fast downhill sections, and undulating terrain, providing plenty of flow. This circuit concludes back at the Race Village on the Barwon River's banks.



2023 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Sam Toll01:23:19
Ben Wallis01:30:08
Simon Angus01:30:46
Victoria Cole01:44:04
Jasmine Vollmer01:54:59
Hannah Craddock01:56:51

2022 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Pat Gibney01:34:54
Kyle James01:36:10
David Henderson01:36:35
Claire Johnson01:43:42
Victoria Cole01:46:07
Melissa Gjergja01:47:29

2021 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Simon Angus01:33:09
Ryan Mannix01:35:30
Cameron Smith01:35:35
Claire Johnson01:46:36
Victoria Cole01:48:04
Rachel Ayres01:48:34

2019 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Travis Hickman01:31:54
Simon Angus01:33:35
Martin Lavery01:34:12
Abi Hyndman01:46:01
Rachael Thompson01:46:08
Kate Smyth01:46:23

2018 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Nick Earl01:25:25
Sam Toll01:28:01
Ross Lambert01:32:27
Kate Bramley01:40:59
Tameka Day01:42:54
Rachel Gibney01:46:53

2017 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Sam Crowther01:24:25
Andrew Mock01:30:09
Travis Hickman01:30:20
Camilla Whishaw01:41:58
Kate Bramley01:43:38
Catherine Sterling01:45:21

2016 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Sam Crowther01:26:29
Daniel Lewry01:32:35
Simon Hearn01:35:38
Allira Kluver01:54:21
Jacqui Brookes01:56:12
Samantha Bennett01:56:35

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ORGANISER: Southern Exposure
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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