Sandy Point Half Marathon

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DATE: 25 Aug 2024
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: Foreshore Reserve, Brighton, Victoria, VIC
DISTANCE: 21.1km, 10km and 5km

The Sandy Point Half Marathon is a 21.1km, 10km and 5km fun run along the bayside streets of Melbourne.

This winter, focus on feeling good. Sign up for Sandy Point Half Marathon and get fitter, faster, leaner and stronger this winter.

Grab a friend, lace up your runners and take on the challenge.

The Sandy Point Half Marathon offers three distances (Half-Marathon, 10km and 5km) with stunning views of Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay.

Located on Beach Road, the beautiful course and its surroundings will help you stay motivated to cross the finish line.



Lachie Edwards01:10:18
Daniel Ebbott01:10:58
David Fawkes01:11:12
Eliza Howard01:20:59
Anna Ellis01:21:36
Amber Penn01:28:17

2022 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Sean De Morton01:14:32
Seb Moreno01:16:36
Jonathan Lynch01:16:43
Vanessa Wilson01:17:07
Sharon Tan01:24:46
Kaila Hutchinson01:24:52

2021 - Half Marathon (View full results)

David Ridley01:06:35
Brad Kahlefeldt01:07:38
Daniel Gray01:11:58
Madeline Heiner01:15:49
Hayley Newman01:23:39
Michele Gunn01:24:28

2019 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Leon Griffin01:13:52
Adem Nakis01:17:00
Aaron Blomeley01:18:55
Deborah Niccol01:23:57
Sarah James01:24:29
Julie Smith01:28:50

2018 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Tom Crouch01:11:22
David Ridley01:12:41
Francis Dowdle01:17:39
Rosie Oldham01:27:53
Kylie Sprague01:27:58
Nicole Avery01:29:43

2017 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Matthew Woods01:17:50
Sean Helmot01:18:05
Dean Foon01:18:15
Michelle Levy01:29:51
Amy Hessell01:30:06
Martine Parsons01:31:48

2016 - Half Marathon (View full results)

John Dutton01:10:36
Levi Hanwert01:17:31
Richard Squires01:18:00
Sarah McKay01:30:51
Melanie Ades01:31:31
Maddy Lucas01:31:34

2015 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Ryan Wissmer01:12:20
Francesco Ciancio01:15:07
Levi Hauwert01:16:27
Bernadette Dornom01:27:36
Melanie Spano01:30:08
Martina Brennan01:30:37

2014 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Stephen Rennick01:15:20
Denis Brown01:17:22
David Green01:18:26
Amanda Wilson01:22:47
Louise Shaw01:30:23
Bianca Meyers01:30:34

2013 - Marathon (View full results)

Dion Finocchiaro02:46:00
Jeremy Thorne02:48:46
Matthew Woods02:49:13
Jutta Schmitz03:18:48
Serena Wooldridge03:20:43
Jamie Nind03:21:52

2012 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Luke Whitmore01:09:51
Mark Kirwan01:10:10
Sean De Morton01:11:12
Catherine Allison01:25:22
Kirsten Jackson01:26:02
Melanie Panayiotou01:26:32

2011 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Ryan Wissmer01:11:44
Sean De Morton01:16:08
Matthew Hodder01:16:22
Caitlin Mcloughlin01:26:35
Michaela Parson01:26:57
Suzanne Hevey01:27:03

2010 - Half Marathon (View full results)

Robert Eppinger01:14:49
Barry Rogers01:14:50
Rob Finney01:16:43
Julie-Ann Davies01:27:41
Louisa Hamilton-White01:28:23
Elly Franks01:28:34

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ORGANISER: Sole Motive
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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