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DATE: 21 Sep 2024
TYPE: Running
DISTANCE: 100km and 50km solo ultra marathons, and 100km relay (team of 2, 3 or 4)

The Surf Coast Century is a spectacular 50km and 100km ultramarathon along Victoria’s Surf Coast and wildflower hinterland with beautiful scenery the whole way.

This incredible race takes runners on an extraordinary journey below towering sea cliffs, along remote beaches and through the captivating wildflower hinterland on twisting single track where no two footsteps are the same.

As well as attracting many of Australia’s best runners, the Surf Coast Century also has a great reputation as the ideal event for those tackling their first ultra marathon due to the accessible course, terrific support services, easy logistics and the incredible energy around the course generated by all the supporters, other runners and event officials.



2023 - 100km (View full results)

Andy McConnell08:52:48
Jarrod Owen08:58:26
Ross Hopkins09:18:17
Jayme Bergman09:55:44
Joasia Zakrzrewski10:07:24
Rowena De Groot10:24:43

2018 - 100km (View full results)

Ash Watson08:16:50
James Roberts08:35:22
Scott Richmond09:02:25
Deb Nicholl10:35:03
Jessica Collins10:54:15
Christine Hopkins11:13:16

2017 - 100km (View full results)

Ross Hopkins08:43:31
Joosep Tammemoe08:56:27
Ryan Cross09:08:00
Kylee Woods10:05:20
Nicole Paton10:17:28
Angulique Plaire10:23:59

2016 - 100km Solo (View full results)

Francesco Ciancio08:26:44
Michael Rathjen08:47:07
Ross Hopkins08:50:06
Kellie Emmerson09:03:24
Kylee Woods09:35:00
Christine Hopkins10:18:17

2015 - 50km (View full results)

Cochereau Oswald03:33:03
Tim Oborne04:08:50
Fergus Koochew04:14:00
Hanny Allston03:43:56
Karen Sharman04:32:59
Plaire Angelique04:34:51

2015 - 100km (View full results)

Paul Munro08:17:08
Ross Hopkins08:44:40
Michael Rathjen09:31:25
Kellie Emmerson09:18:15
Amy Lamprecht10:10:07
Marlene Lootz10:40:30

Contact Details

ORGANISER: Rapid Ascent
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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