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DATE: 25 Aug 2024
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: Halls Gap, Grampians National Park, VIC
DISTANCE: 60km, 36km and 20km

The Wonderland Run offers 60km, 36km and 20km trail runs in the stunning Grampians region, featuring some challenging climbs through the landscapes surrounding Halls Gap.

Absolute freaking intensity! You are engulfed by a whole different world. You are IN the landscape. It will chew you up and spit you out and you will love it.

A trail run for those who love adventure and hills.

All events based from Halls Gap in the mighty Grampians. Explore the Grampians National Park like never before. Due to the nature of the course, a list of mandatory gear is available on the website - which may be required on the day if the conditions warrant it.



2018 - 36km (View full results)

Ashley Bennett03:24:55
Andy Turner03:26:49
Simon Neale03:32:57
Lauren Rooke03:51:36
Rebecca Wilkinson04:02:11
Amanda Meggison04:29:37

2017 - 36km (View full results)

Joel Fitzgerald03:20:41
Jack Morison03:26:20
Simon Neale03:29:08
Kathy Hardcastle03:48:47
Bonnie Wilyenbury03:50:54
Tameka Day03:51:03

2016 - 36km (View full results)

Julian Spence03:00:15
Rhys Whittaker03:25:52
Tom Le Lievre03:30:28
Kylee Woods03:52:39
Bonnie Van Wilgenburg04:04:54
Lee Piantadosi04:07:22

2015 - 8km (View full results)

Sam Crowther00:27:39
Johnny Hurrocks00:30:39
John Keats00:30:57
Lorraine Aitken00:36:47
Nicola Glover00:37:33
Vicki Hetherington00:38:43

2015 - 20km (View full results)

Sam Crowther01:42:43
Rhys Whittaker01:45:40
Ron Thomas01:47:25
Margo Mackintosh02:02:40
Jess Egan02:13:52
Erin Funk02:13:56

2015 - 36km (View full results)

Ashley Bennett03:30:42
Scott Chancellor03:32:42
Robert Dalton03:34:05
Kellie Emmerson03:41:19
Tameka Day04:04:13
Natasha Fraser04:10:48

Contact Details

ORGANISER: Adelaide Trail Runners
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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