Widely regarded as Australia’s most prestigious trail running event, Ultra-Trail Australia is a spectacular run through the Blue Mountains National Park, approximately 100km west of Sydney.

Originally known as The North Face 100, the run started in 2008 and grown into a globally recognised event, forming part of the Ultra-Trail World Tour, and attracting a class field of international runners and participants from all over the globe.

What makes Ultra-Trail Australia so appealing?

The biggest trail running festival in Australia. Professional race organisation helping to provide runners and support crew with a memorable experience. And did we mention the scenery? Deep in the heart of the Blue Mountains, the views are spectacular. The climbs are steep. And the rewards at the top are that much sweeter.
Ultra Trail Australia UTA100

What distance is Ultra-Trail Australia?

The blue ribbon event is the 100km run - the distance where it all began. A 50km event is also held on the Saturday. In addition, there’s a 22km event, a stair climb time-trial up the infamous Furber Stairs and a 1km Kids run.

Entry requirements for Ultra-Trail Australia

You’ll need to be at least 18 years old. No qualification race is required, although solid experience in long distance trail running is highly recommended. The course is tough, as is access to it, making it crucial that you are well prepared to handle a multitude of conditions and eventualities, as emergency access to the course is limited given the remote nature of the terrain. With the Blue Mountains being prone to extreme weather conditions (hot and cold), there is mandatory gear that each runner must carry.
UTA100 Ultra-Trail Australia Kellie Emmerson

Where can I find results from Ultra-Trail Australia?

2008 - Andrew Kromar (10:22:00), Heather Logie (12:13:45)

2009 - Andrew Lee (10:20:51), Julie Quinn (12:13:45)

2010 - Stu Gibson & Andrew Lee (9:54:19), Beth Cardelli (12:16:15)

2011 - Kilian Jornet (9:19:06), Julie Quinn (11:39:07)

2012 - Ryan Sandes (9:22:45), Beth Cardelli (11:18:49)

2013 - Brendan Davies (9:16:12), Beth Cardelli (11:01:08)

2014 - Stu Gibson (9:31:11), Nuria Picas (10:57:46)

2015 - Dylan Bowman (8:50:13), Dong Li (11:05:22)

2016 - Pau Capell (9:20:14), Beth Cardelli (11:16:14)

2017 - Tim Tollefson (8:52:00), Lucy Bartholomew (10:52:35)

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