More than 13,000 runners and walkers took part in Run Melbourne this weekend, taking over the streets of Melbourne to enjoy a morning of health, fitness and fun.

Former English footballer and Tottenham Hotspur star Ledley King gave the starting orders to get the race underway.

While the single digit temperature provided a chilly start to the morning, the sun quickly provided warmth and participants enjoyed ideal Melbourne winter conditions for a run around some of the best parts of the city.

In the 21.1km half marathon, Tarli Bird and Brady Threlfall took victory with comfortable wins ahead of fast fields. Gemma Maini achieved a convincing win in the 10km, while Timothy Lefroy snuck ahead to lead the men home in the 10km event. The 5km event saw some close racing, with Chow Lui and Ni’ia Jones holding on to cross the line first in the Melbourne sunshine.

21.1km Half Marathon

1. Brady Threlfall 1:10:19
2. Michael Kernahan 1:11:11
3. Klarie Mcintyre 1:12:07

1. Tarli Bird 1:16:46
2. Kate Pedley 1:17:51
3. Karinna Fyfe 1:19:08


1. Timothy Lefroy 31:04
2. Tim Norton 31:37
3. Dane Verwey 33:03

1. Gemma Maini 34:54
2. Camilla Whishaw 39:13
3. Jacqui Stephens 39:19


1. Chow Lui 16:02
2. Mitchell Cashion 16:10
3. Jeremy Critchett 16:27

1. Ni’ia Jones 18:01
2. Henrietta Lawrence 18:36
3. Julia Allan 18:40

Full results can be found here