The sport of SwimRun has experienced rapid growth in Nordic countries during recent years but an official event has been yet to reach Aussie shores. SwimRun courses involve teams of two navigating a course consisting of alternating swimming and running legs.

SwimRun Australia

The first SwimRun event to be held in Australia will be SwimRun Australia on May 14th, 2016. The event will start and finish in Rose Bay, Sydney, with pairs following a course from Rose Bay out to Hornby Lighthouse and back. The challenging course involves 12 swim legs and 13 run legs - so be prepared!

What is SwimRun?

Teams of two navigate a course alternating between swimming and running.

The run legs typically consist of a mix of road, trails, rocks, beaches and paths, making for quite an adventure.

Participants can wear a wetsuit and running shoes, whistle, googles, swim cap, pull bouy and paddles - but must carry all of it with them for the entire course. You wear your wetsuit while running and swim with your running shoes on. This is a real adventure.

How did SwimRun originate?

Race directors around the world are seeking unique events to challenge the modern multisport athlete. Legend has it that two Swedish athletes - Michael Lemmel and Mats Skott - challenged each other in a drunken bet to swim between more than twenty islands in the Stockholm Archipelago.

From that, the ÖTILLÖ SwimRun event was born - now an established event hosting the World SwimRun Championships.