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DATE: 10 Feb 2024
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: Busselton, WA
DISTANCE: 5km | 10km | 21.1km

The Busselton (BRC) Bay Run features an array of distances including 5km, 10km, 21.1km and full marathon.

Walkers are welcome to participate at the back of the pack for the 10km and 5km distances.

Start times have been staggered to minimise congestion but participants should self seed their start position in the pack so that all people get a fair and safe start.



2024 - Marathon (View full results)

Matt Di Masi02:36:15
Karlos Aquino02:43:18
Alex Righton02:43:50
Kara Dougan03:22:49
Lucy Gunzburg03:31:09
Irvine Narrischka03:38:30

2022 - Marathon (View full results)

Craig Llewellyn02:41:13
Max Lanoelle02:44:34
Andrew Wait02:47:12
Lauren French02:57:35
Gillian Power03:07:35
Kate Adams03:18:52

2021 - Marathon (View full results)

Vlad Ixel02:48:32
Jon Pendse02:49:08
Jack Crago02:56:13
Debbie Donald02:54:20
Mandy Carey04:10:46
Leanne Leerson04:19:06

2020 - Marathon (View full results)

Andrew Ait02:45:44
Sean Ralph02:47:52
Tony Smith02:50:45
Astrid Roberts02:54:25
Joanne Mills03:02:06
Marlene Lootz03:08:47

2019 - Marathon (View full results)

Jon Pendse02:43:15
Tony Smith02:44:48
Adam Williams02:54:55
Alex Dique03:25:54
Kathryn Hunt03:32:41
Jane Scott03:59:05

2018 - Marathon (View full results)

Jon Pendse02:51:43
Ben Freer03:05:21
Jeremy Newman03:08:32
Sarah Shaw03:23:53
Vici Richardson03:41:22
Kylie Durward03:48:03

2017 - Marathon (View full results)

Craig Weller02:56:54
Mark Lommers02:57:42
Darren McDonald03:08:47
Sarah Shaw03:40:44
Amy Morton03:43:48
Emerald Kerr03:57:05

2016 - Marathon (View full results)

Darren McDonald02:53:03
Justin Scarvaci02:56:05
Brett Coombes03:05:50
Sarah Shaw03:25:03
Samantha Benn03:45:27
Tia Neville03:56:04

Contact Details

ORGANISER: Busselton Runners Club
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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