Marysville Marathon Festival

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DATE: 10 Nov 2024
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: Gallipoli Park, Falls Road, Marysville, VIC
DISTANCE: 100km, 50km, 42.2km, 21.1km, 10km & 4km

The Marysville Marathon Festival is Victoria's waterfall run, nestled in the beautiful Yarra Ranges at the foot of the Lake Mountain snow fields. A community event with the best feel good atmosphere you will experience. In 2024, most events are held on Sunday 10th November, but several take place on Saturday 9th November.

Created to ensure the township and communities around Marysville were supported through the recovery process from the Black Saturday Fires, this festival has continued to provide amazing support and has played a key role in ensuring the town continues to flourish.

This is a trail running festival that caters for all levels, taking you to the amazing Steavenson Falls and along fern lined trails. Big climbs wait the longer distances runners, yet the rewards are worth the effort with spectacular vistas to take in.

Local volunteers are a key to the success of the event and are rewarded with fundraising to their clubs and the awesome experience of interacting with grateful runners.



2023 - 100km (View full results)

Liam Brown11:52:06
Baoping Zhang13:25:54
Alex Anshtein16:26:08
Tammy Lovett14:13:22
Emma-Rose Maber15:12:29
Lina Tucker15:12:29

2022 - 50km (View full results)

Mitchell Power04:35:48
Joel Laing04:37:31
Dan Beard04:44:29
Tracy Feiner05:50:54
Tammy Lovett05:55:29
Nikki Wynd05:58:01

2021 - 50km (View full results)

Thomas Dade04:39:24
Dan Beard04:40:33
Liam Brown04:45:19
Mary-Louise Van Dyk05:41:18
Camille Nicholls06:01:08
Mads Ruffino06:05:19

2018 - 50km (View full results)

Francesco Ciancio04:05:40
Ross Hopkins04:07:35
Chipp Watson04:25:43
Christine Hopkins05:22:28
Sarah Jayamaha05:28:21
Nicole Vaughan05:29:30

2017 - 50km (View full results)

Josh Goding04:28:10
Dan Beard04:34:25
Lee Eddison04:34:31
Katherine Macmillan05:08:47

2016 - 50km (View full results)

Francesco Cianco04:04:54
Ross Hopkins04:11:53
Chipp Watson04:18:04
Nicole Paton05:04:19
Tilly Horman05:26:57
Julia Gregory05:42:42

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