Carrum Around the River Fun Run

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DATE: 18 Feb 2024
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: Launching Way, Carrum, VIC
DISTANCE: 12km & 6km

The Carrum Coast Guard Around the River Fun Run is a 12km run or 6km run/walk along the Patterson River to raise funds to support the Carrum Coast Guard, which is run by volunteers.

Come join us for the eighth annual Coast Guard Around the River Fun Run. Participants run or walk around the Patterson River between Nepean Highway and the Frankston Freeway, overlooking the Patterson River along the entire course.

Choose from one or two laps and enjoy a BBQ breakfast following the event.



2023 - 12km (View full results)

Aidan Clarke00:46:03
Matthew Volk00:46:06
Dale Raymond00:46:20
Caroline Cleary00:53:41
Geraldine Creaton00:53:47
Darcy Garton00:55:55

2020 - 12km (View full results)

Xavier Johnson00:41:16
Travis Boyle00:41:23
Alex Bailey00:45:55
Nicolette Lesberg00:44:51
Louisa Hamilton White00:49:05
Sallie Koning00:50:20

2018 - 12km (View full results)

Sean Williams00:46:04
Stuart Capel00:46:18
Alex Bailey00:46:57
Jess Batton00:49:37
Susan Michelsson00:50:11
Sallie Koning00:50:36

2017 - 12km (View full results)

Dion Finocchiaro00:40:39
Greg Watson00:43:52
Matt Clark00:44:23
Simone Brick00:48:45
Karen Barlow00:49:04
Cindy King00:51:37

2016 - 12km (View full results)

Michael Bishop00:46:24
Simon Bull00:47:42
Andrew Murray00:49:26
Katie Cole00:50:12
Geraldine Creaton00:51:32
Lynda Dickson00:54:40

Contact Details

ORGANISER: Australian Volunteer Coast Guard
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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