Darkness to Daylight Challenge Run

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Date: 3 May 2017
Location: Southbank Cultural Forecourt, QLD
Distance/s: 110km, 110km relay, 10km, 3km
Website: Visit website

Darkness to Daylight Challenge RunEvery year in Australia approximately 110 women, children and men die because of domestic and family violence. The Darkness to Daylight Challenge Run covers 1km for every life lost but also the ones left behind.

The 110km run can be completed individually or in a relay team overnight, and others are welcome to join the last 10km ‘together run’ or walk the final 3km in the morning, to represent the support and help that the community provides.

The lead runner will hold a candle symbolising the hope that people living with domestic violence feel when finding the courage to speak up and get the support that seems so out of reach. Services are available – but it takes all of us to make a stand.

If you want to speak out about domestic violence and help bring those affected out of the darkness and into the daylight, register at www.darknesstodaylightchallenge.com.au.


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