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DATE: 17 Mar 2024
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: Edithvale Common, VIC
DISTANCE: 10km & 5km

The All Fired Up Fun Run is a 5km and 10km fun run/walk to raise funds to support the Edithvale Fire Brigade.

Starting at Edithvale Common (beside the bowling club), both courses head north along the Longbeach Trail before turning around and returning to the finish at Edithvale.

The Edithvale Fire Brigade is a fully volunteer fire brigade that has served the communities of Edithvale , Aspendale and Aspendale Gardens since 1925. The Brigade has approximately 100 volunteers who dedicate their time to support the local community in a broad range of fire and rescue services, including emergency medical response and respond to more than 300 emergency calls each year.



2024 - 15km (View full results)

Michael Tosin00:51:19
Fraser Wikner00:55:27
Adam Barker00:55:30
Kirsty Duncan01:08:12
Michelle Mobbs01:12:26
Amy Holden01:18:22

2023 - 15km (View full results)

Travis Boyle00:51:30
Adam Barker00:53:21
Fraser Wikner00:56:00
Veronica Recupero00:57:31
Kim Osmand01:06:21
Rebecca Purcell01:09:09

2018 - 15km (View full results)

Sean Williams00:58:48
Tim Broxup00:58:57
Stuart Capel00:59:35
Jess Batton01:04:06
Nikki Lesberg01:04:20
Cindy King01:05:10

2017 - 15km (View full results)

Dion Finocchiaro00:50:20
Paul Duncan01:01:01
Mark Yates01:13:13
Erchana Bartlett01:01:41
Nicolette Lesberg01:04:42
Kathryn Haesner01:04:49

2016 - 10km (View full results)

Dane Verney00:34:14
Stan Karanasios00:36:05
Michael Bishop00:37:04
Jesse Mayne00:38:47
Jess Batton00:42:00
Cindy King-Williams00:43:27

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