Humpty Dumpty Balmoral Burn

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DATE: 26 May 2024
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: Awaba St, Balmoral, NSW
DISTANCE: 420 metres

It is time to dust off the sneakers and help the Humpty Dumpty Foundation raise money to buy much-needed life-saving medical equipment that treats and saves the lives of Aussie kids by participating in this year’s annual Humpty Dumpy Foundation Balmoral Burn.

With a race category to suit every man and his dog – the Humpty Dumpty Foundation Balmoral Burn caters to elite athletes of all ages to kiddies, their parents as well as their school friends and even the family pet!



Luke Boyes00:01:19
Rohan Laurendet00:01:22
Lawson Fittler00:01:23
Bethany Halmy00:01:39
Jasmin Guthrie00:01:42
Matilda Ryan00:01:43
Luke Boyes00:01:21
Mason Cohen00:01:23
Thomas Virgona00:01:24
Sarah Carli00:01:40
Ada Rand00:01:42
Bethany Halmy00:01:44
Lachlan Raper00:01:25
Mason Cohen00:01:25
Thomas Virgona00:01:28
Bethany Halmy00:01:40
Matilda Ryan00:01:45
Susie Douglas00:01:53
Mason Choen00:01:21
Jye Perrott00:01:23
James Gurr00:01:23
Bethany Halmy00:01:42
Gabriella OGrady00:01:43
Anneliese Rubie00:01:43
James Gurr00:01:18
Ben Quinn00:01:21
Lachlan Raper00:01:22
Anneliese Rubie00:01:38
Brittany McGowan00:01:39
Alicia Keir00:01:40

Contact Details

ORGANISER: Humpty Dumpty Foundation
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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