The Trail Running Series - Race 5 (Night Run)

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Date: 6 October 2017
Location: Studley Park, VIC
Distance/s: 5km / 10.8km / 15km
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The Trail Running Series - Race 5 (Night Run)The fifth and final round in Trail Running Series presented by The North Face offers a night run at Studley Park.

With all runners lighting up the trail with a head torch for what will be an incredible race experience – followed by a massive post race celebration on Friday night!

This unique trail running event will be amongst the first of its kind in Australia as the entire race will be held after dark – making it an incredible race experience for everyone. The courses will be the exact same as those used in Race 1 giving you some familiarity but you will be amazed at just how different they feel when you’re vision is restricted to the cone of light emanating from the front of your torch.


2017 - Short Course (4.8km)

Nathan Fenton00:19:09
Mark Portbury00:19:38
Justin Templar00:19:39
Taryn Furletti00:18:57
Amy Cornell00:20:20
Ella Marinelli00:22:19

2017 - Long Course (15km)

Josh Goding01:00:38
Mack Clarkson01:00:41
Mitch Lorkin01:00:42
Lauren Coridas01:12:18
Bec Rosel01:12:22
Christine Hopkins01:13:35

2016 - Long Course

Mitch Lorkin01:38:11
Lee Eddison01:43:52
Sam O'Brien01:44:05
Renee Lane01:48:49
Melissa Vandewater01:49:57
Jess Batton01:56:29
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