Three Bridges Run

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DATE: 13 Oct 2024
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: Parramatta, NSW
DISTANCE: 42.2km, 21.1km, 9km and 5km

The Three Bridges Run travels along Parramatta River and is just 30 minutes west of the Sydney CBD, featuring 42.2km, 21.1km, 9km and 5km distances.

The course takes in the sites of George Kendall Riverside Park, Meadowbank Park, Rhodes Point, and Newington Nature Reserve using the Parramatta Valley shared use path.

With stunning river views showcasing the beauty of this area, it's one not to be missed!



2023 - Marathon (View full results)

Alistair Pearson03:26:22
Henrik Wennerstrom03:31:54
John Morris03:35:05
Anne Tsang03:15:30
Lindsay Norton03:33:53
Amanda Hynes03:34:06

2022 - Marathon (View full results)

Angus Pearson02:57:21
Statler Willand02:59:05
Tadashi Oyama02:59:23
Marisa Martin03:42:29
Caitlin Larose03:52:48
Akiko Akashi03:54:14

2020 - Marathon (View full results)

Jie Li02:45:42
Jonathan Muncey02:51:10
Paolo Bevilacqua02:54:14
Rosy Cooper02:55:48
Bronwyn Hager02:56:13
Khadija Noujoum03:06:08

2019 - 29km (View full results)

Alexander Shaw01:56:23
Duncan McKechnie02:05:16
Marko Matic02:06:18
Angela Tokley02:07:52
Anne Hand02:09:50
Laura Parker02:19:04

2018 - 29km (View full results)

Marc Rawlings01:46:21
James Chen01:52:16
Mike Turner01:53:23
Alexandra Bell02:07:07
Alessandra Martines02:12:37
Tanya Medcalf02:16:35

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ORGANISER: Maximum Adventure
WEBSITE: Visit Website

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