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DATE: 16 May 2024
TYPE: Running
LOCATION: Katoomba, Blue Mountains, NSW
DISTANCE: 100km, 50km, 22km & 2.5km

Ultra-Trail Australia is a superb 100km, 50km or 22km ultra-marathon through the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park.

The 100km, formally The North Face 100 is Australia’s most challenging, stunning and prestigious 100km Trail running event.

This event takes place on the breath taking trails located in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains National Park of Australia. Since the inaugural race in 2008, our 100 ultra-marathon has captivated runners locally and internationally and it has quickly grown to become one of the most talked about endurance events of its kind.

The 50 km race was introduced in 2013 and has quickly stepped out of the shadow of the 100km event to become an iconic event in its own right. The 50km takes in the last half of the 100km course. It is a stunning, challenging and a perfect choice for people stepping up to their first ultra, or experienced ultra runners looking for a shorter, harder hit out!

Starting at the iconic Queen Victoria Hospital Wentworth Falls and finishing at the atmospheric Scenic World, the 22km race will be the perfect introduction for new runners curious about trail and ultra running. This event will also offer runner UTA 11km



2024 - 100km (View full results)

Michael Dimuantes09:01:24
Shaun Pettit09:55:27
Josef McGrath09:56:55
Beth Mckenzie10:41:43
Lucy Bartholomew11:00:34
Stephanie Auston11:11:17

2023 - 100km (View full results)

George Murray09:32:59
Mike Carroll09:44:51
Piotr Babis10:01:44
Emily Gilmour-Walsh11:33:28
Lucy Bartholomew11:52:41
Lou Clifton12:05:03

2022 - 100km (View full results)

Reece Edwards08:10:11
Scott Hawker08:18:28
Sam McCuthcheon08:28:08
Anna McKenna09:15:23
Erika Lori09:41:02
Naomi Brand09:41:10

2021 - 100km (View full results)

Matthew Pellow09:51:32
Vajin Armstrong10:04:28
Michael Dimuantes10:09:37
Cecilia Mattas11:35:40
Sophie Brown11:51:12
Sarah Ludowici11:53:17

2019 - 100km (View full results)

Marcin Swierc09:31:15
Jono OLoughlin09:42:28
Morgan Lindqvist09:43:45
Amy Lamprecht11:03:28
Angelique Plaire12:05:18
Emma Roca12:14:23

2018 - 100km (View full results)

Brendan Davies09:18:10
Ben Duffus09:24:32
Harry Jones09:36:05
Kellie Emmerson11:05:48
Jessica Carroll11:14:39
Amy Lamprecht12:15:57

2017 - 100km (View full results)

Tim Tollefson08:52:00
Rob Krar09:11:15
Aurelien Collet09:30:50
Lucy Bartholomew10:52:35
Hanny Allston11:12:00
Lou Clifton11:24:06

2016 - 100km (View full results)

Pau Capell09:20:14
Ben Duffus09:39:25
Yun Yanqiao09:42:09
Beth Cardelli11:16:14
Fiona Hayvice11:33:13
Kellie Emmerson11:53:30

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